Winnick and Company


Founded and led by financier and philanthropist Gary Winnick, we are a premiere private investment firm focused on building partnerships with entrepreneurs and early-stage businesses that are involved with disruptive and innovative ideas in a broad range of sectors: digital media, technology, sports and entertainment, fintech, healthcare, life sciences and real estate.


By providing strategic direction, mentorship, operational expertise, accelerated growth through strategic add-ons, innovative access to capital, and the intellectual capital of our employees, we help our partners take their ideas, businesses, and innovations to the next level where they can prosper greatly while contributing to the betterment of the human experience.


Our Core Values:


  • VISION: In a time of rapid change, we embrace disruption. By seeking out, identifying, and aligning with revolutionary ideas and businesses, we leave the old models in the past where they belong and lead our partners into a new prosperous future.

  • COMMITMENT: We function at a 24/7 level not because we have to, but because we want to. We only align with partners when we share the same passion and dedication to a specific opportunity. As such we think of every partnership as a long term committed relationship that will continue long after our investment.

  • COLLABORATION: We make our partners better; they make us better. When it comes to our partner relationships, one plus one does not equal two. It equals limitless energy, imagination, and brainpower. Our collaborative partnerships help us all operate at a higher altitude and allows us to outthink and outpace everyone else.

  • ACTION: The time to take action is always now. When dealing with next generation businesses and services, time is your enemy. Change comes rapidly and success depends on the ability to quickly take action and to adapt and course correct along the way. We believe you should always hear the sound of the clock ticking behind you and act accordingly.

    This is how we pursue excellence with our business partnerships, but there is actually a fifth core value to the Winnick and Company Philosophy.


    COMMUNITY: At Winnick and Company our mission has always been to build a better future for everyone, not just for our partners and employees. Whether it's a technology or innovation that benefits the environment or one that simply enhances the overall human experience, we seek out revolutionary ideas that will benefit the global community. We also encourage active participation in civic, community, and philanthropic endeavors. Either through the Winnick Foundation or numerous other non-profits and professional organizations served by our executive team we ensure that charitable giving finds its way to those in need.